Integrated Approach

The A-T-S team is organized with efficiency and quality project delivery in mind. We bring commitment and capacity to respond to service requests on short notice, while delivering comprehensive and coordinated services

Dedicated project staff with deep as-needed resources

Dedicated project support and full-time staff for all project needs. Extensive network of local  employees to support both project delivery and as-needed services.

Proven Process

Our proven project management approach relies on anticipating issues before they arise, rapid response, accurate scope execution, and high-quality product delivery.

Specialized Services

Our team is comprised of local environmental professionals with the ideal combination of technical expertise, knowledge of regulatory requirements, and established relationships with a wide range of regulatory agencies to assist in successfully providing quality services.

Sustainability Focus, Resilient Landscapes

As leaders in the environmental services industry, we’re committed to upholding the highest standard of service for all our clients. A-T-S provides expert guidance and project management for all phases of environmental planning, monitoring, restoration and conservation management. 

Design, Build, Plan, Engineer

Our award winning engineering team is committed to providing exemplary technical engineering services. With expertise and experience in environmental, chemical, and civil engineering disciplines we address complex technical challenges through a multidisciplinary approach. 


Over 25 years of experience in water resources, watershed resources permitting and management, hydrology, watershed planning, and regulatory compliance. Our expertise in projects involving civil infrastructure & planning and resource protection includes landscape-scale water delivery projects such pipelines and canals, habitat protection, and natural resource management compliance. Our focus on streamlined permitting and compliance and our unique understanding of environmental planning, monitoring, management and analysis of large water projects and their associated impacts allows A-T-S to provide the most comprehensive and reliable management of complex regulatory and permitting processes for clients across a range of industries.

Geospatial Science & Technology
GIS, Imagery Analysis, Remote Sensing, Data Science 

Our team has extensive experience providing integrated GIS solutions to public and private sector clients, including regional conservation and land management organizations and NGOs. Our services focus on scalable, user oriented applications, and data products that deliver tangible benefits to end-users. Our expertise in geospatial application development includes analytical and spatial data products, remote sensing and imagery analysis, mobile data collection solutions, conservation planning tools and environmental GIS.